What is Renovation, Restoration, and Rehabilitation?

It can be difficult to convey exactly what you want from your builder if you aren’t familiar with the lingo. Massachusetts is lucky to have a lot of beautiful old homes ranging as far back as the colonial era. If it’s time to have work done around your property, you should know the difference between a renovation, restoration, and rehabilitation.

  • Renovation
    This is what you do when you are making improvements to a home while trying to remain true, in various degrees, to the original structure. Renovations still include modern upgrades like plumbing and electricity.
  • Restoration
    In a restoration, you take out all modern conveniences and try to restore the structure to its original state. Unless you fine outhouses a romantic mark of times gone by and feel like modern plumbing is a travesty, we recommend this more for structures that double as museums and the like, not as a place to start a family.
  • Rehabilitation
    In this final rebuilding method, you would need to tear out anything that is old and then replace it with new, contemporary fixtures and styles.

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Source: Fixing Up a Historic Home
Photo Credit: JW Construction

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